Friday, February 4, 2011

From the Diary of A Trowlane, 28th day of the siege, 3rd day of reprieve

            I hesitate in my heart to celebrate these days of peace, as I know they will likely not last. But for now, someone or something has unsettled the mighty Gethzerian. For three days now it has been all quiet on our walls and borders. Some of the adventurers have gotten restless, and talk of venturing out to find the creature’s. I have prayed against this, and spoken at the tavern. The arrival of this Brethren of Light on the first day of reprieve can only be coincidence. They have no reputation to speak of, save Valna, and I cannot see that giving such an overwhelming foe as we have seen pause. The Halfling, Reed, is known to us as well. His family has lived in Fallcrest for generations. I have not yet spoken to them, they are quite the oddity here. They’ve certainly seen their share of mocking at the Maiden, at least until that Dragonborn enters the room. I’ve not yet seen one of these heroes with the courage to insult him. Truth told, it is less his race and more his religion that gives me pause in talking to him. This Daar is a servant of the Raven Queen. The Tiefling unsettles me as well. I’ve heard nothing evil of him, but still, his devilish visage certainly puts fear into a man’s heart. Perhaps the most outspoken of the group is their Gnome. He takes each insult and off –handed comment about the group to heart, and often is overlooked in groups because of his size. The Deva has said little, spending most of his time in the Temple of Bahamut. I’ve seen him there late at night, as that same temple has been my last stop most nights. I pray that this reprieve will continue. Tomorrow night I will make a point to sit with this new group and speak with them, provided our city remains at peace another day.

With a glimmer of hope for our safety,

A Trowlane
Patron of Fallcrest.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friday One Shot

Greetings all,
Thanks to all who played in our friday night adventure. I had a blast, and I'm hoping you all did too. I hope you all enjoyed my portrayal of crazy Redra as much as I enjoyed playing it.
That said, after much delay, I've written and posted the relevant Intro/ReCap/Epilogue. Theres some info in there you might not have caught durnig the game and some re-enforcement of the storyline.
This, as you know, directly tied into the Blade Wardens session, and it will also tie directly into the true intro to my campaign when we play it in a very, very direct way. Then, once thats out of the way, you guys can roll up some new characters, and try to sort out just who or what this Gethzerian is, and what he/she/it/they/them/etc wants with you

Friday Storyline:
Story Re-Cap:

Read at your leisure, but I want all of you to be pretty familiar with the consequences that both this session and the Blade Warden session have wrought upon the world. Keep an eye here on the main Gethzerian blog for further updates on the Siege of Fallcrest!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So as not to leave any of our regulars out of the story, we're going to do something different tomorrow. Your two DMs are going to write one shots in their respective worlds, and debate amongst each other which they're going to run. So show up ready to have a kick-ass night and slay some bitchin monsters!

Thanksgiving Recap

I've posted the recap from our Thanksgiving weekend session. Its here, in a sepearate blog thats still part of the Gethzerian saga, just wanted to keep it from spamming out the diary entries on the main blog.
Read it, even if you didnt play (read: even if your last name is Kramer) because the background elements will matter

From the Diary of A Trowlane - 25th Day of the Siege

It has been a full week since the Shimmering Swords appeared at our gates, bringing much needed aid and hope. On their second day, they turned back a charge of goblins that rushed as darkness fell. On their third day, they led a force of several other troupes recently arrived against a stand of Orcs who challenged them by name. And on their fourth day in Fallcrest, they lost their first two men. Orc snipers took them from the trees. Their mithral armor is strong, but it does not fully cover their necks. Since then several more groups of adventurers have joined them. The Moldy Maiden is filled with them at night. This many transient rooms have not been filled in Fallcrest in ages. Now, if only they were being paid for…Though, a free room and hot meals is a small price to pay for keeping our city safe. And Fallcrest is safe. Since the Shimmering Swords arrived, the raiding parties have left the town and its civilian population largely alone, instead challenging the warriors to combat. Many have fallen. I wonder how long they will be willing to stay, risking their lives for this town. Several have sent scouts and rangers to find where these forces are coming from. None have returned. The toll has been high. Every night I sit with them, try to boost their spirits in the Maiden. Then, I go to Bahamuts temple, and pray for his protection for our heroes.
            A new group arrived this morning that intrigues me greatly. Until now, most of our previous adventurers have been humans, elves and dwarves. But not these. They call themselves the Brethren of Light. A Half-Elf, a Gnome, and a Halfling are common enough. But for a Dragonborn, a Tiefling, and a Deva to travel in one company is quite unusual. The Shimmering Swords knew the Half-Elf, Valna the Bold, by reputation which they say he more than earned in Nerath before disappearing for quite some time. The others I’m told are relatively unexperienced. Indeed, they questioned why Valna wastes his time with such weak and unheralded comrades. We are glad for any help, no matter how experienced. We are also, however, running out of room. Indeed, these newcomers will be the first not housed the Maiden, and will be staying in the temple quarters.
            In perhaps an even stranger turn of events, they had no chance tonight to prove their worth. For the first time in nigh a month, no attack came. I’ve bade our heroes to stay on their guard, for even though tonight we rest, I am certain Gethzerian is not done with us.

With caution to my own hearts relief,
- A. Trowlane, Patron of Fallcrest, on the 1st day of reprieve

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From the Diary of A Trowlane - Siege Day 18

From the Diary of A. Trowlane, Patron of Fallcrest
18th day of the siege

            Gethzerian continues to lay waste to our outer farms and supply routes, but will not send his minions to enter the city itself.  We would soon have been pushing into our emergency stores, but for the stroke of luck, or divine intervention that occurred yesterday. Just before sunset, as I was about to order the gates closed, ten men, bearing the scars of battle, arrived with two wagons of supplies from Harkenwold. My eyes seemed to trick me as I saw the markings on their shining mithral armor. A sword crossed against the emblem of Io. These were none other than the Shimmering Swords! Adventurers of great reknown, each was a former Nerathi soldier. They had set out on their own for adventure after the Emperor's death. They have carved a great reputation for themselves, and their presence in Fallcrest can only carry good portents for us. Thank Avandra for their arrival. My morning devotions will belong to her. 
            I sat with them at the Moldy Maiden last night and was told that they had seen the message I sent posted to a table at the old Five-League house, and even more importantly, that at least two other troupes they knew were coming behind them! Perhaps there is a chance that Bahamut has allowed justice to bloom here in Fallcrest once more. It is to his altar I will now pray each night that justice be done to our enemies.

- Once again with hope in my heart,
A. Trowlane

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From the Diary of A. Trowlane - Day 14

         These attacks seem to never end. For a fortnight now, they have come, and raided our crops, killed our bravest men, and stolen our goods. I have ordered all Fallcrests citizens in the gates by sunset, and the gates barred, but I am running out of hardy men and dwarves to hold the gates. Goblins, orcs, kobolds, and I’m quite sure yesterday I saw several Gnolls in the mix. They are organized, and they are playing with the city, of that I am quite certain. Were they to ever launch a full on assault, they would sack our fair town and destroy all we hold dear, nay, all we hold…. Until this Gethzerian decides it is time, we hold as best as we can. So far, whom, or whatever, Gethzerian is, they have not revealed themselves. We only assume he/it is their leader, and a formidable foe he must be, to unite these foul creatures to one banner.
            I have sent word along all trade routes, seeking help from any brave adventurers as may come to our aid. Better to empty Fallcrest’s coffers to heroes than to usurpers and filth. I pray to Erathis, Sehanine and Bahamut that they will guide help to us.
            I sent a message to Sir Keegan, the Captain of the old Nerathi guard at Winterhaven, asking for the aid of the Empire, but the response puzzled me even more than our current predicament. The only letter I received was from his Lieutenant, Sir Thane, saying only “Keegan gone mad. Protect yourselves from the shadow”, scrawled sloppily on a piece of parchment. Whatever evil stirs in the north cannot concern us now, as we face death daily at our own doorstep.
            Bahamut willing, I will write more tomorrow, so that if Fallcrest dies, at very least someone can know our tale.

            - A. Trowlane, on the fourteenth night of the siege of Fallcrest