Thursday, December 16, 2010

From the Diary of A Trowlane - 25th Day of the Siege

It has been a full week since the Shimmering Swords appeared at our gates, bringing much needed aid and hope. On their second day, they turned back a charge of goblins that rushed as darkness fell. On their third day, they led a force of several other troupes recently arrived against a stand of Orcs who challenged them by name. And on their fourth day in Fallcrest, they lost their first two men. Orc snipers took them from the trees. Their mithral armor is strong, but it does not fully cover their necks. Since then several more groups of adventurers have joined them. The Moldy Maiden is filled with them at night. This many transient rooms have not been filled in Fallcrest in ages. Now, if only they were being paid for…Though, a free room and hot meals is a small price to pay for keeping our city safe. And Fallcrest is safe. Since the Shimmering Swords arrived, the raiding parties have left the town and its civilian population largely alone, instead challenging the warriors to combat. Many have fallen. I wonder how long they will be willing to stay, risking their lives for this town. Several have sent scouts and rangers to find where these forces are coming from. None have returned. The toll has been high. Every night I sit with them, try to boost their spirits in the Maiden. Then, I go to Bahamuts temple, and pray for his protection for our heroes.
            A new group arrived this morning that intrigues me greatly. Until now, most of our previous adventurers have been humans, elves and dwarves. But not these. They call themselves the Brethren of Light. A Half-Elf, a Gnome, and a Halfling are common enough. But for a Dragonborn, a Tiefling, and a Deva to travel in one company is quite unusual. The Shimmering Swords knew the Half-Elf, Valna the Bold, by reputation which they say he more than earned in Nerath before disappearing for quite some time. The others I’m told are relatively unexperienced. Indeed, they questioned why Valna wastes his time with such weak and unheralded comrades. We are glad for any help, no matter how experienced. We are also, however, running out of room. Indeed, these newcomers will be the first not housed the Maiden, and will be staying in the temple quarters.
            In perhaps an even stranger turn of events, they had no chance tonight to prove their worth. For the first time in nigh a month, no attack came. I’ve bade our heroes to stay on their guard, for even though tonight we rest, I am certain Gethzerian is not done with us.

With caution to my own hearts relief,
- A. Trowlane, Patron of Fallcrest, on the 1st day of reprieve

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