Wednesday, December 15, 2010

From the Diary of A Trowlane - Siege Day 18

From the Diary of A. Trowlane, Patron of Fallcrest
18th day of the siege

            Gethzerian continues to lay waste to our outer farms and supply routes, but will not send his minions to enter the city itself.  We would soon have been pushing into our emergency stores, but for the stroke of luck, or divine intervention that occurred yesterday. Just before sunset, as I was about to order the gates closed, ten men, bearing the scars of battle, arrived with two wagons of supplies from Harkenwold. My eyes seemed to trick me as I saw the markings on their shining mithral armor. A sword crossed against the emblem of Io. These were none other than the Shimmering Swords! Adventurers of great reknown, each was a former Nerathi soldier. They had set out on their own for adventure after the Emperor's death. They have carved a great reputation for themselves, and their presence in Fallcrest can only carry good portents for us. Thank Avandra for their arrival. My morning devotions will belong to her. 
            I sat with them at the Moldy Maiden last night and was told that they had seen the message I sent posted to a table at the old Five-League house, and even more importantly, that at least two other troupes they knew were coming behind them! Perhaps there is a chance that Bahamut has allowed justice to bloom here in Fallcrest once more. It is to his altar I will now pray each night that justice be done to our enemies.

- Once again with hope in my heart,
A. Trowlane


  1. I want to go to a tavern called the "Moldy Maiden."

  2. I'll have you know the Maiden is a fine establishment. Hearty ale, fine food, no pit wrestling. Its classy