Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friday One Shot

Greetings all,
Thanks to all who played in our friday night adventure. I had a blast, and I'm hoping you all did too. I hope you all enjoyed my portrayal of crazy Redra as much as I enjoyed playing it.
That said, after much delay, I've written and posted the relevant Intro/ReCap/Epilogue. Theres some info in there you might not have caught durnig the game and some re-enforcement of the storyline.
This, as you know, directly tied into the Blade Wardens session, and it will also tie directly into the true intro to my campaign when we play it in a very, very direct way. Then, once thats out of the way, you guys can roll up some new characters, and try to sort out just who or what this Gethzerian is, and what he/she/it/they/them/etc wants with you

Friday Storyline:
Story Re-Cap:

Read at your leisure, but I want all of you to be pretty familiar with the consequences that both this session and the Blade Warden session have wrought upon the world. Keep an eye here on the main Gethzerian blog for further updates on the Siege of Fallcrest!