Friday, February 4, 2011

From the Diary of A Trowlane, 28th day of the siege, 3rd day of reprieve

            I hesitate in my heart to celebrate these days of peace, as I know they will likely not last. But for now, someone or something has unsettled the mighty Gethzerian. For three days now it has been all quiet on our walls and borders. Some of the adventurers have gotten restless, and talk of venturing out to find the creature’s. I have prayed against this, and spoken at the tavern. The arrival of this Brethren of Light on the first day of reprieve can only be coincidence. They have no reputation to speak of, save Valna, and I cannot see that giving such an overwhelming foe as we have seen pause. The Halfling, Reed, is known to us as well. His family has lived in Fallcrest for generations. I have not yet spoken to them, they are quite the oddity here. They’ve certainly seen their share of mocking at the Maiden, at least until that Dragonborn enters the room. I’ve not yet seen one of these heroes with the courage to insult him. Truth told, it is less his race and more his religion that gives me pause in talking to him. This Daar is a servant of the Raven Queen. The Tiefling unsettles me as well. I’ve heard nothing evil of him, but still, his devilish visage certainly puts fear into a man’s heart. Perhaps the most outspoken of the group is their Gnome. He takes each insult and off –handed comment about the group to heart, and often is overlooked in groups because of his size. The Deva has said little, spending most of his time in the Temple of Bahamut. I’ve seen him there late at night, as that same temple has been my last stop most nights. I pray that this reprieve will continue. Tomorrow night I will make a point to sit with this new group and speak with them, provided our city remains at peace another day.

With a glimmer of hope for our safety,

A Trowlane
Patron of Fallcrest.

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